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More than 27 years ago, a small group of women from Spanish-speaking countries  formed an organization in Charlotte to help young Latinos gain critical access to higher education and careers. LAWA continues to provide scholarships through a competitive process based on academic achievement, financial need and community service. A volunteer committee consisting of college and university faculty, area educators and former LAWA Scholars conducts "blind reviews” of every application without knowledge of student names or personal information. LAWA thanks these educators and our sponsors for their dedication to this impactful program! 





January 4, 2021 - April 4, 2021 

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Johnson C. Smith University, Queens University of Charlotte, South Piedmont Community College, and Wingate University. have partnered with LAWA for over five years to support Latino students! 


The universities match LAWA scholarships for students enrolled at South Piedmont Community College, Wingate, Queens, or John C. Sm.  The public display of collaborative support towards the Latino student's tuition promotes community building and higher education access. 

Congratulations to our 2020 - 2021 LAWA Scholars


"Firstly, I want to express my sincere thankfulness and gratitude towards LAWA and the Belk Foundation for the Belk Scholarship. With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to fulfill my dream of attending Queens University of Charlotte. When I received the news that I was a receipt of the Belk Scholarship I was overcome with excitement and relief that finances wouldn’t interfere with my ability to chase my dreams. This scholarship means I can be an example to my younger siblings and peers that anything is possible. Lastly, I want to say that as a latino student, I want to thank you for giving students like me the opportunity to reach for the stars." -Erika Ruiz

“I would like to thank LAWA and Marand Builders for this scholarship as a first-gen Latina in engineering. It was not very likely for me to discover it as my passion, so I am grateful for the support. I am also grateful because I do not have to take out loans or do work-study for this year because of Marand and a few other scholarships, so I am able to focus more time on my classes.” - Andrea Aguirre 

“Thank you to Food Lion for sponsoring me and allowing me to take off the burden of money from my shoulders. It is another year I do not have to worry about making sure I have a way to cover tuition and other cost. I also thank LAWA for their hard work and dedication to their scholarship recipients and community and always making it feel like a family. The care they provide for us is long lasting and we will all remember it. I will remember it.” - Edwin Alarcon

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"First of all, I want to thank the Sanchez family and Norsan Media for allowing me to continue my education and for their generosity. I would also like to thank my family for always supporting me and showing me the right path. Thank you LAWA for their nonstop support to not only me but the Hispanic community. This scholarship means so much to me because it allows me to continue my education and to continue helping the Hispanic and Latinx community overcome the obstacles that we face and to secure a just and safe environment for our community. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and help our community." - Juanita Vargas Ibanez

2019 lAWA Scholarship Ceremony

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