Advancing Education

LAWA offers a continuum of tutoring, mentoring and socio-cultural development programs, and higher education financial support for elementary, middle and high school students in the Charlotte Region. 

Our ultimate goals are:

  • to close academic achievement gaps
  • to improve Latino students’ high school graduation rates, and
  • to increase the number of Latino students that go on to receive degrees in higher education.

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LAWA in the NEWS

  • Diana Dau - LAWA Scholar 2005

    Diana Dau is an outstanding young woman. I remember when she signed
    up as a volunteer for our Latin American Festival on the grounds of the
    Mint Museum with several siblings. They worked all day always
    showing a beautiful smile and the willingness to lend a hand. While going
    from booth to booth, Diana decided to enter a raffle for a huge TV set, and
    she won!

    They carried it home with the intention to give it away to a needy person
    at their church congregation. (A big heart is one of the characteristics of our
    scholarship recipients)
    By clicking on the title of this article you will learn much about Diana; she is
    an artist, a photographer, a linguist, a philanthropist, an educator, and since
    October of this year she is working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the
    Dominican Republic.

    LAWA is proud to feature Diana Dau, a multifaceted scholar!

  • Volunteers at Padres y Padrinos

    Our 2014/15 program is off and running!
    We started strong with about 20 volunteers spread throughout
    five LAWA partner schools. Just as we enjoy the diversity of our PyP
    students, so are our volunteers coming from many different
    backgrounds and ways of engaging with LAWA. One of our
    returning volunteers has the opportunity to observe her tutee
    growing academically and continue a relationship with "her" little girl.
    If we could leave you with one strong image to hold on, it would be the
    look in a child's eye who realizes that an adult comes to the school just
    for him or her. Not all the young students are able to express themselves
    with words, but each of them knows that his or her tutor is there to instill
    a sense of confidence, of worth and of purpose by planting a seed
    for the future!

  • Saul Flores - LAWA Scholar 2007

    After graduating from Harding University H.S. in Charlotte NC, Saul started
    and completed his studies at UNC State in Raleigh NC.
    One of his greatest accomplishments is his "Walk of the Immigrants",
    a photographic journey (click on title above) emulating the steps taken
    by so many immigrants. Saul has recently published a video called Footprints:
    LAWA is proud to highlight Saul Flores, one of the many Latino students
    making a mark in this world.