Become a Volunteer



LAWA relies heavily on volunteers to make our programs as successful as they are and our volunteers receive many benefits, including the opportunity to take direct action to create positive change in their community.

Volunteer work is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and build your resume. You will also enjoy networking opportunities that could open the doors that lead to a more successful career.

  • Padres y Padrinos

    Commitment: One hour a week
    Activity: Tutor/mentor a young student in an elementary or middle school to enhance his/her academic performance. With one hour of weekly, tutors help with reading skills using short stories or basic math skills. Most importantly, you will become a mentor to a child.
    We provide specific ESL training to volunteer and track outcomes.
    Dates: October until April

  • Dancing for Diversity

    Commitment: 2 Days (about 4 hours per day)
    Activity: Dancing for Diversity is an annual event that culminates LAWA’s Padres y Padrinos program with music, folkloric dances and our very own dancing stars from four CMS schools. The purpose of Dancing for Diversity is to foster cultural and ethnic appreciation amongst students from different backgrounds and to unify and strengthen the bonds of friendships that span across various ethnic and racial groups. Volunteers will help with logistics and event preparations involving young elementary and middle school students
    Dates: Call for Specific Dates

  • High School Series

    Commitment: Varies
    Activity: Assist and motivate high school students to graduate and seek higher education. High School Series workshops take place on selected Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at CPCC Central Campus UNCC, and South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) in Monroe, Union County. Join us during these information workshops and as a volunteers assist in the preparation, check-in/registration of students and parents.